Body of experts that provides research, advice and ideas on specific political or economic problems. A Think Tank is an organization formed by diverse intellectuals and analysts, who receive contracts or commissions from public or private organizations to analyze ideas and projects, and propose ways to apply the different governmental and / or industrial activities to be disseminated through the media and thus influence the public debate.

Think tanks today are a supermarket of ideas that employs professionals from different disciplines to influence society through the media and, therefore, to impact public opinion.

Through the RECC Think Tank we create inspiring contents about ideas, trends, innovation, entrepreneurship and transformation in Medicinal Cannabis. The think tank RECC anticipates and detects trends in innovation and entrepreneurship in the legal Cannabis industry, analyzing its impact on society and business models.

We are a tank of proactive thinking that develops multimedia strategies through a systematization methodology of sociodemographic trends and information consumption.

For each trend a face-to-face meeting of our experts is held and a report is made focused on offering conclusions regarding the possible effects of the subject treated in order to transmit to the society a practical knowledge and close to reality. All the content generated by each trend is published on our website, and is disseminated through conferences held throughout the country, with the main goal of anticipating the future and promote innovation in the emerging industry and therefore in our society .

Lines of investigation:

The RECC will form strategic alliances with universities and researchers to carry out field research from which books, case studies, business articles, scientific articles, educational aids and in general all relevant information will be derived to know about the state. of the legal medicinal cannabis industry in Colombia and Latin America as markets consolidate.

Main research line:

Advanced Market Research: Through innovation in electronic data collection (web page) RECC expects to have the support of the business ecosystem within the emerging cannabis legal industry in Latin America, in order to collect information that allows us to generate an annual report to executives, entrepreneurs, investors and other interested parties who wish to obtain rigorous and in-depth information about aspects related to the financial, economic and socio-political area that surround the emerging industry.

Why is a set of statistical metrics and relevant information important in management decision making?

  1. Statistical analysis applied to a representative sample of consumers can provide reasonable and adequate information about the immediate market conditions.
  2. We intend to make a data collection that allows us to document the evolution of the industry in all stages of the life cycle and in each and every one of the links of its value chain.

Related research lines focused on the legal cannabis industry:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Integral Management (integral management, theory D3D, U)
  • Lean Strategies (Business, Manufacturing, Accounting)
  • Asset allocation
  • FinTech
  • Entrepreneurship in post-conflict environments
  • Peace Agreements
  • Decrease in poverty in Latin America
  • Micro-financing
  • Other scientific and technological

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