Empower and educate cannabis latino entrepreneurs to ensure full participation and active leadership within the emerging legal cannabis industry.


Position ourselves as the leading entrepreneurship network for empowerment, acceleration of business and educational environments among the legal cannabis movement in las Américas.


We are

  • Believers of inclusion, since diversity allows us to generate better solutions and a global impact.
  • Social equality, since discrimination with respect to race, socioeconomic status and gender only brings delays in the quality of human life for all.
  • Builders of peace, since sustainable peace is the right of all.
  • Fighters of poverty, since poverty is the root of social injustice.
  • Global teamwork, since cooperation facilitates the sustainable development of the emerging global business ecosystem.
  • Gender equality, since a diverse group of leaders makes better assertive decisions.
  • Protectors of the planet, since we recognize the implications of unsustainable agriculture for the planet and its latent effect on climate change.
  • Opponents of biopiracy, since we oppose the illegal, irregular and / or inequitable access, use and / or use of biological resources and their derivatives, as well as the traditional knowledge of the indigenous peoples associated with them.
  • Integral thinkers, since we base our management and leadership practices on integral theories and D3D.