The code of ethics is an institutional reference of personal and professional conduct that should guide the Directives, Collaborators, Contractors and suppliers of an organization, regardless of the position or function they occupy, and functions as a pattern that regulates the relationships between different groups of interest as partners, beneficiaries, communities, society and state so that as a group in their social interactions the Foundation advances towards the success of its mission.

2.1 Ethic

Ethics is the argumentative discipline that seeks to rationally base what we must do to achieve the perfection of each human being, of each organization and of society as a whole.
Ethics does not deal with what one "can" or "could" do from a technical, legal, economic, social, cultural, etc. point of view, but has as a goal to base what we must do to make the person respected in its dignity and the organization achieves the purposes proper to its identity, contributing to the good of itself and the whole of society.
Ethics is concerned with formulating the values, principles and norms that guarantee that both the human being and the organizations in which he or she works achieve the maximum possible welfare and minimize any damage that may be caused to the person, to the organizations or the whole of society.

2.2 Ethical values

Are those behaviors that improve the individual as a person, the company as an organization of people, and society as a community of people.

2.3. Care

It is the courage that drives us to do things well, or to treat others well to keep them in optimum condition.

2.4. Values

Statements that describe the expected behaviors of each one in the development of the activities, both inside and outside the Organization.

2.5. Ethics of care

"Ethical care involves the interaction and moral contact between two people, in which there is an application, in which there is a union between people, as part of the human relationship. From the above we can deduce that the ethics of care is the discipline that deals with responsible actions and moral relationships between people, motivated by an application, and whose ultimate goal is to achieve the care of their peers, their own or the environment.

The ethic of care has to do with real situations, as real as the needs of others, the desire to avoid harm, the circumstance of being responsible for another ... "

Alvarado, A. (2.004). La ética del cuidado, Universidad de La Sabana, Colombia.

3.1. Why have a Code of Ethics?

  • Because the mission and vision of the Foundation generates in all its members a commitment to the empowerment and education of the cannabis entrepreneurs of Colombia according to a behavior of participation and leadership.
  • Because trust is built by demonstrating a behavior and integrity with our collaborators, and their families, contractors, beneficiaries, state, society and community.
  • Because it defines what the Foundation expects from the development of its mission and its team, regardless of their place of work or their training.
  • Because it represents a fundamental commitment of the Foundation in ensuring that in all behaviors of employees and other stakeholders always prevail values and ethical principles.

3.2. Who is invited to comply with this code?

All employees, members of the Board of Directors, contractors and suppliers, regardless of payroll, position or geographical location, are invited to understand, apply and ensure that the behaviors established here frame our interaction and performance.

3.3. So we commit ourselves to:

  • Encourage compliance with the Code through daily action, our behavior should be a model of what it means to act with responsibility, integrity and respect.
  • Ensure that all the work team knows, understands and applies the Code.
  • Guide the collaborators and contractors so that in case they have knowledge of a fact that deserves a complaint or ethical dilemma, inform the competent instance.
  • To our contractors and suppliers, know, understand and act in accordance with established principles and values.

4.1. Principios

  • La Verdad, que está por encima en todas las acciones y relaciones de la Fundación y su entorno.
  • El Cumplimiento, que se evidencia frente a los compromisos, normas y procedimientos; y guía nuestras acciones de mejoramiento.
  • La Rendición de Cuentas, que permite demostrar la transparencia, calidad de la gestión y uso responsable de los recursos, prevaleciendo el bien común por encima de los intereses particulares.
  • El Trabajo en Equipo, que influye en los colaboradores de forma positiva porque facilita prácticas de compañerismo, aprendizaje mediante el actuar cotidiano y garantiza excelentes niveles de comunicación.
  • El Trabajo con Profesionalismo, Nos da la capacidad y preparación que caracteriza al equipo humano para el desarrollo de las tareas y proyectos con altos estándares de calidad e impacto.
  • La Exigencia y Compromiso, nos permite mantener y aumentar la viabilidad económica de la Fundación, mediante el control de los resultados y sus consecuencias.
  • La Consideración y el Cuidado, que sin exclusiones ni discriminaciones ofrecemos a las personas, comunidades y sus entornos donde la Fundación realiza actividades.

4.2. Valores

The actions of the collaborators and contractors of the Network Foundation of Cannabis Entrepreneurs of Colombia, are framed within the following values:

  • Believers of inclusion, since diversity allows us to generate better solutions and a global impact.
  • Social equality, since discrimination with respect to race, socioeconomic status and gender only brings delays in the quality of human life for all.
    Peacebuilders, since sustainable peace is the right of all.
  • Fighters of poverty, since poverty is the root of social injustice.
  • Global teamwork, since cooperation facilitates the sustainable development of the emerging global business ecosystem.
  • Gender equality, since a diverse group of leaders makes better assertive decisions
  • Protectors of the planet, since we recognize the implications of unsustainable agriculture for the planet and its latent effect on climate change.
  • Opponents of biopiracy, since we oppose the illegal, irregular and / or inequitable access, use and / or use of biological resources and their derivatives, as well as the traditional knowledge of the indigenous peoples associated with them.
  • Comprehensive thinkers, since we base our management and leadership practices on integral theories and D3D.

Every person, community and its surroundings, deserve from us the highest consideration and care, without exclusions or discriminations.

Behavior is the reflection of who we are. All the people who, in one way or another, have links or represent the Network of Cannabis Entrepreneurs of Colombia must take into account the following behaviors that reflect our values and principles:

  • Each of the actions of the members of the Foundation will be guided by the practices of care.
  • I am aware that I know and therefore fulfill and reason for the fulfillment of the duties and prohibitions contained in the legal and regulatory framework that govern me and that govern the contractual links with the Foundation and with the Financing entities; in addition to complying with the internal controls that the Foundation has established.
  • I am aware that, as a manager, collaborator or contractor of the Foundation, I represent it at all times, so I always strive to maintain and project an adequate image that involves a careful language and behavior, avoiding any work or personal behavior that deteriorate the good name and reputation of the organization. My actions respond to the dignity and responsibility of my position.
  • I actively collaborate in the work groups in which I participate and my actions are testimony for others.
  • I comply and I answer for the actions and omissions made in the exercise of my position.
  • I am recursive in the search for solutions and in the creation of opportunities for improvement.
  • I learn from my mistakes and work on their causes to avoid repeating them, promoting them as a lesson learned.
  • I share my knowledge and experiences with my colleagues, in order to promote joint growth and leave a legacy to new generations.
  • It facilitated adaptation and helped overcome obstacles to new team members.
  • I welcome and promote a safe environment, responsibly expressing my disagreements. I am concerned about the improvement of interpersonal communication and the work environment and I avoid accepting or generating inaccurate and unfortunate comments that affect the people with whom I relate or who violate the good name of the Foundation.
  • I refrain from giving concepts or making judgments of a personal nature, which go against the image of the Foundation or of any of its officials.
  • I know and I adopt the intellectual property policies that the Foundation manages inside.
  • I promote the security of information and therefore I prevent the leakage of strategic or confidential information. I do not disclose by any means whether electronic, printed or audiovisual, improper, illegal, pornographic or racist information.
  • I am concerned about having the required competencies so that all my processes respond with the best possible quality to the needs of the beneficiaries and other stakeholders.
  • I present in a truthful, timely and verifiable manner the information and products of my management, as well as that of my area and that of the Foundation when it is required within the attributions assigned to me.
  • I conserve, protect and use the resources assigned to me in an austere, efficient and transparent manner, including compliance with the times and hours of the working day and their exclusive use in work or management related to my duties.
  • I promote and work for self-care and the care of others, avoiding situations that affect or endanger health, life and the environment.
  • I comply with and promote compliance with the Fundamental Safety and Health at Work Rules.
  • I try that my actions preserve and improve the environment and the social environment that surrounds me.

This Code does not frame all possible situations to which a person may be confronted; therefore, circumstances and common sense in each case must be taken into account.

All queries, complaints or ethical dilemmas that arise must be treated under strict parameters of: Confidentiality, Objectivity, Respect and without allowing any type of reprisals.