We are a foundation that seeks to build a connectivity network by linking cannabis entrepreneurs from Colombia with each other and with other key agents for an optimal and sustainable business development, thus building a sustainable ecosystem that is supported and empowered by the same network.

What are networks?

Networks are defined as human activity systems or CLEHES.

CLEHES (spanish): Body + Language + Emotions + History + Eros + Silence.
Each cell of a network is a CLEHES that represents the human being. All CLEHES are unique and unrepeatable. The networks can be likened to "Human Activity Systems" where the dimensions of corporality, language, emotions, stories, eros and silence of the CLEHES, configure the movement and identity of the network or community. Networks of dialogues and conversations form the systems of human activity, where speech and listening produce round-trip connections between human nodes.

What is the REC?

The REC is a Value Network, we facilitate the linking / connectivity of entrepreneurs who are or want to be interdependent. Interdependent means that "the NETWORK is everything and we are all".

This network, made up of different actors, who create the environment that provides the RECC entrepreneur with a unique and memorable experience that multiplies the value of their enterprise for society and the planet.

When we are in Network, we are ready to recognize others as potential sources of inspiration, instead of perceiving them as hindrances or competitors.

“The powerful thing about networks is what emerges from them”

Margareth Wheatley


It is that integral person who leads, organizes and operates a business or companies, taking into account the impact that their decisions will have on a set of interested parties, including the planet, to make it an entrepreneur (a) generally takes financial risks higher than normal .


It comes from Cannabis, sacred plant. Under a context of sacred economy (Charles Eisenstein), money represents the investment with which cannabis enterprises will be able to be realized. There is a part of Cannabis that has been stigmatized, that is evil. The same thing has happened with money, money is seen as something bad, that in the end is destroying the earth.

In itself money is not bad, like cannabis. There is a part that connects us with the spirit and leads us to oneness and relationship, and that is what gives it a sacred character. The money to stop being disconnected and separated from everything, can start to generate the transformation that the world so badly needs. The meeting. The same can happen with Cannabis, its power is so great that it could contribute practically with all diseases, through the doors that open when studying the endocannabinoid system.

The next stage in the evolution of human consciousness can only happen in group form, in oneness, interdependence and relationship with others, as a system.