It is our WorkShop for companies looking for Seed Capital - We offer a Micro-MBA approach, designed to offer advanced training to the entrepreneur in aspects such as:

  • Strategic organizational formulation
  • Formulation of business model
  • Formulation of business plans
  • Formulation of Pitch-Deck
  • Training to give a Pitch (strategic presentation in limited time of your business in order to attract investors)
  • Assistance in the search and application of seed capital options
    Knowledge of accounting and financial order that allows the entrepreneur to understand the financial valuation of their business.

This in order to guarantee informed access to seed capital, expansion and scalability by the entrepreneur.

REC Accelerates connects you with potential investors worldwide through our electronic platforms, news letters and events.

Our knowledge and focus on the legal cannabis industry worldwide allows us to generate an accurate guide.

The objective of our company acceleration program is to leave the enterprise and its team ready for access to seed capital.

Our WorkShop for entrepreneurs is a face-to-face program which has the following phases:

  • Phase 1: Definition of the business model. Structuring the business plan.
  • Phase 2: Strategic formulation of the business. Formulation of the business plan.
  • Phase 3: Business model. Basic Financial Statements. Financial valuation of the business. Financial models.
  • Phase 4: “Pitch Deck”. Formulation of the pitch deck.
  • Phase 5: “Elevator Pitch”. Fast Pitch Training and Elevator Pitch.

–  Approaches used: Integral management, “Lean” strategies.”.


During the business acceleration program (pre: Seed Capital) you will have access to the best mentors in the country on issues related to the development of your business plan.