100% Cannabis from Colombia: We are administrators of the 100% Cannabis Community Brand of Colombia.

We are a communal brand of all and for all!

The REC to include in its logo representative figures of some of our ethnic groups seeks to honor the ancestrality and spirituality immersed in Colombian cannabis, in the same way seeks to recognize the struggle of our indigenous groups to conserve our seeds and native strains, which They were subject to persecution for so long.

Within the anti-drug war in Colombia, peasants and indigenous people have been one of the weakest links that has been the victim of armed conflict and violence. It is our duty to safeguard their identity, their culture and now under the new context of legality our commitment is to include them and learn from their valuable techniques of sustainable and ancestral agriculture.

The REC honors the struggle, the resistance and the thousands of innocent indigenous and peasants discharged in the anti-drug war. In the same way we join their efforts in order to preserve and safeguard our seeds and native strains, which are part of the biological heritage of humanity.

Objectives of the brand:

-The objective of this program is to position the Colombian cannabis as the best in the world, through a seal that ensures quality and origin.

100% Cannabis from Colombia is a seal of quality and origin

Objectives of the brand:

A guarantee seal of origin:

100% Cannabis from Colombia offers an opportunity for differentiation, adding value with the unique and identifiable characteristics of authenticity that conventional and generic products can not demonstrate. This means that Colombian cannabis is grown under special quality standards and is generated in a unique land with favorable environmental and social conditions, which can easily be considered as a unique and premium product in the world.

A seal of quality:

Our 100% Colombian community brand strategy Cannabis has been created to satisfy the most demanding and sophisticated consumers in today's complex industry. This seal will guarantee a natural product, free of pesticides and additives, free of microbes and mold, free of heavy metals and neutral carbon. The commitment to sustainable development is an integral part of our promises of value for medicinal cannabis patients, we are also aware of our responsibility to Colombian society and the planet.

100% Cannabis from Colombia seeks to generate good practices, standards and access to the use of analytical laboratory services that allow patients access to products suitable for human consumption and with appropriate information concerning levels of THC, CBD, potency in several cannabinoids, expiration date among other relevant aspects to consider.

The use of this brand is FREE for the member entrepreneurs of the RECC!

The only requirements for you to use this brand that generates value in your products are the following:

  • You need to have a laboratory certificate that demonstrates:
  • A natural growth flower, free of pesticides and additives, free of microbes and mold, free of heavy metals, a neutral carbon product.
  • In order for the entrepreneur to have access to this stamp, he must demonstrate with laboratory certificates that his flowers, extractions, derivatives and, in general, any product are free of contaminants.

To carry out the control, the RECC seeks alliances with laboratories that provide analyzes that prove the non-existence of the contaminants described in the previous point.

Do you want to become a strategic ally of our brand of origin and quality?

¿Do you have a certified analytical laboratory with good manufacturing practices?

This seal will allow you to grant added value to your clients in the emerging industry while helping to position Colombian cannabis as the best in the world!